Thursday, October 2, 2014

Goethite in Amethyst: Sirius Amethyst/Super 7

I just acquired more of these amazing sirius amethysts/”super 7’s” and will gradually be adding them one by one to my shop.  These things are absolutely amazing energetically and packed full of mineral inclusions.  The mining location is Antsakaonimanta Deposit, Mangatabohangy Commune (Mangatobangy), Ambatofinandrahana District, Amoron'i Mania Region, Fianarantsoa Pronvince, Madagascar.  Scroll to the bottom of this article to see the photo album of the one I just added to my shop.  You can view this crystal in my shop HERE.

I’ve identified goethite for sure in all of them.  I think the more reddish needles and flecks may be lepidochrosite.  There is a lot of a mauve-ish red mineral in many of them that I can’t identify, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the iron minerals.  Some of it could be hematite, though much of it has a slight purplish hue, so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on inside these crystals, but it is a lot of something interesting and very special.

I do see some fine whitish hairs or fibers in this particular specimen.  I don’t believe this is rutile because they bend and rutile is straight.  They could be some type of amphibole, though they are pretty fine and delicate, so it’s hard to say if they’re an actual mineral or just some run-of-the-mill inclusions.  There are also a number of other minerals I cannot identify.  All of these crystals have amethyst, smoky quartz and clear quartz as well as goethite, and this particular one is an elestial and trigonic. 

Rutile and cacoxenite are the only things missing for this particular specimen to be a super 7, but all of the super 7’s that I have purchased from people claiming they are super 7’s have NEVER had rutile or cacoxenite.  In fact, there has actually never been any cacoxenite identified in any amethyst by geologists or mineralogists EVER.  All samples of “cacoxenite” taken from amethyst that have been tested have turned out to be goethite, so I don’t believe there is actually such a thing as a super 7.  (You can verify this info with a search on mindat or google scholarly.  And if you ever find any actual scientific evidence out there that contradicts what I have said here, please post the link in the comments section.)  So, it is my opinion that all super 7’s are actually super 6’s at best and probably mostly super 4’s. 

My boyfriend and I just purchased two “super 7’s”.  I only found goethite, amethyst, smoky quartz, and clear (or milky) quartz in them.  Energetically I don’t feel like they even begin to compare to these amethysts that I’ve been collecting.  I can barely feel anything from mine, and his is nice, but doesn’t really feel any more powerful than a nice amethyst to me.  (I hate to say that because they were both extremely expensive.)  His is actually very pretty, but mine is absolutely ugly.  It is a poorly tumbled chunk of really dirty amethyst with some interesting goethite triangles inside.   That’s it.  Quite disappointing.  My boyfriend has been teasing me that he’s going to cut it up, and I may just let him do it at some point, because I would like to be able to see the goethite better. 

But these awesome amethysts that I’ve come across recently absolutely blow me away.  They were not sold to me as super 7’s, just amethyst.  The prices were much more reasonable that super 7’s and they are actually whole crystals with their original terminations, which is something you rarely see in crystals sold as “super 7’s). 

The energy feels amazingly strong.  All of these weird crystals have the most intense blast of energy I’ve ever felt in any crystal, even more than lemurians (to me.)  When I point them to my left palm, it is a very intense piercing feeling for a crystal.  Some of the beams of energy feel more round and others more sharp.  I suspect that even those who are “energy blind” may be able to feel them. 

And this is what I am the most excited about right now:  I just got some really small ones that actually have really sparkly rutile in them.  This is the first time I have found rutile in amethyst and they are sooooooooooooo amazingly beautiful.  AND energetically, they pack a really powerful punch in a very small package.  I’ll try to add some to DoodlepunkArt soon and keep the prices affordable.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Quartz with Hedenbergite from Inner Mongolia–Green Angel Dreamstone


I’m so excited to show you one of my new green quartz crystals from the Huanggang Mine of Inner Mongolia, China.    I’ve managed to recently acquired a small collection of these crystals, and am parting with this one in DoodlepunkArt.  I’m trying to resist the urge to hoard them all to myself.  (Don’t worry, I will share, I just have to figure out which ones.)  I will be editing and adding more specimens to this article in the upcoming months, so check back here periodically for more information.

This specimen is quartz with hedenbergite inclusions.  It is very similar to the Seriphos green quartz from Greece, only it is much larger that the crystals found at this location, and the energy and appearance of these crystals is unique.  This crystal also goes by these names: prase, prasem and Robert Simmons has named them quite appropriately, “Green Angel Dreamstone.” 

These are not the same as dream quartz, which is colored green by epidote.  Hedenbergite is the mineral that tints this Inner Mongolian quartz an earthy green color.  It also may be part of what caused the crystals to grow in such a very unusual and spectacular way:  The sides of these crystals are covered with hundreds of small, cathedral-like, rhombohedral faces. 

Many of the quartz crystals from this location have a multi-sceptered appearance due to a dipyramidal habit.  These dipyramidal crystal are missing their m-faces, so they are essentially two terminations (or six-sided pyramids) attached to each other.  (“M-faces” are the straight sides of a quartz crystal that lead to the termination.)  Hundreds of dipyramids line the m-faces of the main crystals on many of these stones.

I have not identified all of the minerals in this particular specimen, but there are at least three other minerals, a yellow one, a silvery black one and a white one.  Here is a list of minerals that have been accurately identified on these crystals by the pros:

  • Arsenopyrite
  • Calcite
  • Dolomite
  • Fluorite
  • Genthelvite
  • Hedenbergite
  • Helvine
  • Ilvaite
  • Lollingite
  • Magnetite
  • Molybdenite
  • Sheelite

I showed these crystals to a very knowlegable rock hound friend of mine who also identified the zeolites, apophyllite and stilbite on some of these crystals.  She thought what I had identified as calcite was albite, but I just performed a scratch test.  It is softer than fluorite, so it is definitely not albite, and calcite is consistent with what we know about the mine location.  I have verified that stilbite and apophyllite are correctly identified as well.  I’ll show you those specimens soon.

These crystal come from the Huanggang Mine, Hexigten Banner (Keshiketeng Co.), Ulanhad League (Chifeng Prefecture), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China.  This mine area covers 22 square kilometers, and there are 185 different mineral lodes.  Mostly ores have come from this very prolific mine, but recently some spectacular quartz specimens have been released onto the market.   I have seen the more flawless specimens go for thousands of dollars.  (See links at the bottom of this article.)  I found a great report on the mine location, complete with geological information, history and photos of the mines, miners and some of the minerals found there:

Metaphysically, these crystals have a peaceful and comforting energy.  They feel very protective and calming.  This is a stone for profound inner and spiritual exploration.  These crystals make you spiritually more open, perceptive, sensitive and allowing.  They help you let go of your control during spiritual journeys so you can be more open to whatever adventure is about to happen.  You can either sleep with or meditate with them to help with astral travel.  It is the perfect companion stone for anyone learning the art of lucid dreaming. 

Our conscious and material reality is greatly influenced by our unconscious reality, which includes dreams, thoughts, feelings and mental images.  By becoming aware of and learning to master the unconscious reality we can learn to influence and manifest what we want in our conscious and material reality.  In this way, this is a manifestation stone, but instead of acting through the center of our will (at solar plexus chakra,) like citrine, green angel dreamstone acts through heart energy (located on the physical body at the heart chakra.)  This stone is not only a great tool for tapping into and directing the unconscious, it is also a great tool for healing the heart chakra and expanding heart energy, which is also an important manifestation tool.

The heart chakra (or Anahata) is associated with the inner child, actions of the hand, and the ability to make decisions that are directed (or in alignment with) the Higher-Self (aka. Higher-Power, Universe, Source, God, Spirit – whatever terminology works best for you,) as opposed to making decisions with the mind that are greatly influenced by emotions, judgments, desires, fate and karma.  The heart chakra is also the center for compassion and unconditional love – not simply romantic love, but love of life and everything in general that is Heart Energy.  It is the love that finds great joy in the sound of rain or the smell of fir needles warming in the sun.   

Heart energy is a very high vibration that takes love beyond the physical love we are more familiar with, and turns it into something very profound that has the power to affect the world around you at an quantum level.  This is the heart of “The Secret.”  Heart energy is the manifestation tool used by quantum activists.  Manifestation through the heart energy happens through use of the Law of Attraction by becoming aligned with The Higher-Self.  Alignment with The Higher-Self requires one to let go of their control (control that is by the physical or material self, who is in turn controlled by desires, emotions, fate and karma.)  It involves allowing heart energy to expand outwards into the world around you. 

So it isn’t just its ability to help the user understand and alter the inner-self and subconscious that makes this a manifestation stone.  By healing the heart, supporting and enhancing heart energy (universal love) and making one more aligned with the Higher-Self, it helps one make use of the law of attraction to alter the course of the physical/material life. 

I have added this crystal to my etsy shop, DoodlepunkArt .  Others will be coming in the future.  My prices will not be astronomical, but these are very rare so if price is an issue let me know.  I’m waiting for some smaller ones to arrive.  There are minor chips and dings in many of the crystals that I have, which allows me to provide these amazing stones at a reduced price, but you can see in the links below what they can go for when in pristine condition.  These specimens don’t all have hedenbergite, but they are all from the same location.  I am also including below, links to other people’s healing properties descriptions.  Please feel free to convo me though etsy or post here any questions that you have. 

I hope you enjoyed the information I’ve provided here.  Everything on this blog and in my shop listings, including the metaphysical descriptions are all written by me.  They are mostly based on my own work and personal exploration with stones, and only minimally influenced by the work of others, therefore these descriptions are my own intellectual property and are copyrighted.  Please do not copy without written consent.  I am perfectly happy with being quoted, but please do contact me first for permission.  Thank you for understanding. Specimen (For Sale) Links:

Other Sites with Green Angel Dreamstones For Sale:

Mindat Specimens (Not For Sale):

Healing Properties:

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Lepidolite / Lithium Mica– Mineral Info & Healing Properties of the “Happy Crystal”

Lepidolite is a member of the mica family and is colored purple, lavender, lilac, pink, pale yellow, colorless or gray by the presence of lithium. This is a very soft, but flexible mineral with a Mohs hardness of 2.5-3. 

Lepidolite crystals are translucent, pearly and reflective.  It grows in pseudohexagonal or botryoidal crystals, reniform masses or in flat, interlocking plates.  Layers of lepidolite crystals can easily be separated from each other into books, sheets or thin flakes.  The crystals that are flat like this are also called blades.  These photos are of bladed crystals. 

Lepidolite should not be confused with pink muscovite, also a member of the mica family, but a different mineral which is usually not colored by lithium. Muscovite is a potassium mica, but lepidolite is a lithium mica.

Lepidolite is an important source of lithium and the rare minerals rubidium and caesium.  Lepidolite is also used in the production of glass, ceramics and enamels, among other things.

Metaphysically, lepidolite is a stone of purification, balance, empathy, release, acceptance and presence. It is a great stone to assist anyone going through painful or stressful times. Its calming and soothing energy inspires an acceptance of “what is”, making this one of the best stones for those practicing the art of letting go of pain, resentment, resistance and aversion, an important part of Buddhist practices. It is the best stone that I know of for anyone who is committed to releasing their identification with the ego, “story” and/or “pain body”.

Lepidolite acts on all chakras, but is especially helpful with the heart chakra, third eye and crown chakra. It is ruled by the element of water and works very well with water. Placing it in the bathtub with you will enhance your relaxation experience. It can also heal the body by being placed directly on the point of pain, injury or disease. Placing under pillow can help prevent nightmares and promote a more restful sleep. Its potential to calm, soothe and heal is increased when used in combination with positive affirmations.

The metaphysical properties of stones with lithium can be very beneficial for anyone with emotional suffering or mood disorders. Lithium is used medically to treat bipolar disorder and depression because it helps to stabilize the mood and brings about a sense of well-being. Using a stone with lithium for gem therapy allows you to take advantage of the healing properties of lithium present in the stone’s EMF (electromagnetic field) without taking any medication. Many people report that just holding stones like lepidolite or lithium quartz brings about a feeling of calm, well-being and positivity.

Lepidolite is very helpful for use with issues of a mental or emotional nature, but it also has a healing effect on the entire body, but especially on the immune system (particularly with allergies), the skin, the nervous system (particularly the brain) and the endocrine system (particularly the pituitary and reproductive glands). 

I am now carrying lepidolite blades at DoodlepunkArt.  I have many crystals that are not online, so if I am currently sold out, please convo me through my shop and I’ll be glad to add some new lepidolite crystals for you.