Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stones and Crystals for Healing

Everything has an electromagnetic field.  Electromagnetism is what holds atoms together.  Your body has electromagnetism and gemstones also have electromagnetism.  My tens unit can find my acupuncture points and my chakras.  After I open a chakra, the pitch of the sensor on my tens unit goes up considerably.  A recent scientific theory supporting the millenniums old belief in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones suggests that the electromagnetic fields of stones and crystal interact the electromagnetic fields in our bodies.  Each type of gemstone, mineral and crystal growth form produces a unique electromagnet field, thus each affecting our bodies in different ways.  The healing and metaphysical properties I list on my blog or etsy store are compiled from various cultures and sources and many of the properties are similar throughout several cultures.

There is so much yet to be understood through science about the metaphysical and healing properties of stones, but healers in countless cultures have long been using Earths natural resources to heal our bodies, hearts and minds, and to lengthen and enrich our lives.  Numerous modern medications originally came from plant medicine, like aspirin, valium and ephedrine, and minerals like tin, copper, gold, silver, quartz and garnet are currently being used to run our electrical devices.  In recent years, alternative medicine has been working its way into our mainstream western medical care.  These alternative treatments include vitamins, minerals, herbs, yoga, taichi, acupuncture, massage, magnet therapy, electromagnetic therapy, tens units, alkaline diets, blood type diets, transcendental meditation, creative visualization, biofeedback, hypnotism, reiki… 

Stones and crystals do not have magical powers, but they are tools that we can add to our arsenal of natural remedies without risking unwanted side-effects.  Many stones are inexpensive or free of charge to the adventurous rockhound.  Through websites like etsy, ebay and artfire, the average person can shop for handcrafted, affordable gemstone and crystal jewelry and purchase directly from the artist.  By cutting out the middleman, the savings are passed down to the consumer and the artist is still able to make a living, despite the current world economic crisis.

My favorite site dedicated to handmade items is  I recommend browsing through the subcategories on etsy.  You can type in keywords (like “smoky quartz” or “black tourmaline”) in the search field on top, and then narrow your search in the categories on the left.  You will be able to view items fitting your criteria made by a large pool of artists from all over the world.  You can even sort your results by price.  My own personal etsy store is

You can also search the individual artist's store or sort their items by category and price.  Enjoy your shopping adventure and stay tuned for more post from me covering a range of topics, such as the healing properties of specific stones, creative projects, instructions for art, craft or jewelry making technique, alternative ideas and random thoughts.

For more information on electromagnetic fields, go to or  An excellent document on the history of electromagnetic field awareness throughout various cultures is available at

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