Friday, June 14, 2013

Thunder Bling Jewelry - Handmade Tribal Chic Jewelry - My New Etsy Shop

I have opened a new etsy shop to showcase some of my jewelry work that doesn't fit into my DoodlepunkArt shop.

Many of my pieces feature sparkly crystals and hammered metal.

Other work features fiber, wood, bone and gemstone.

I really enjoy using waxed nylon cord, meticulously creating a knot between each bead to achieve soft, comfortable pieces that won't grab your hairs.

Many of my pieces are boho chic, yet very sparkly.

This knotted blue tiger eye bracelet has both bling and a natural, bohemian feel.

These two agate bracelets are more tribal, yet I still snuck in a teensy bit of bling in the first one with the metallic copper glass seed beads.

I've gotten sort of obsessed with making bracelets lately.

This one is made with lapis lazuli chip beads and sunstone.  Each gemstone bead is divided by a metallic copper glass seed bead.  This bracelet is beaded in a more standard fashion with sturdy beading cable, so it holds a more circular shape.

This one is hand-knotted using carved bone, recycled vintage wooden beads and glass seed beads.  It is nickel free, like most of my work.  This one comes in men's sizes as well.  

This one features mint/aqua green agate and black crystals.

This one has sunstone chips and cobalt blue crystals which have antiqued copper caps.

This one is hand-knotted as well with red bamboo coral and turquoise magnesite beads.

Here is another one that features the glass crystals with the metallic caps, only these ones are burgundy red with blackened silver caps.  The black stones are agate.

Here is another turquoise magnesite and red bamboo coral bracelet.

Both of these earrings are turquoise magnesite as well.

To check out more of my beaded work, go to my ThunderBlingJewelry shop at

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  1. Congrats on the opening of your new Etsy shop! It seems that you’re really expanding your talent in jewelry making. That’s great! Your jewelry are all unique, artsy and cool. I really like the agate bracelets, which give off a tribal vibe. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Jennifer! Kudos and more power to you!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match