Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do Squirrels Hiss???

Today when I was outside watering the plants, I saw something run through the crack under the garage door.  I went in the house and downstairs into the garage to investigate.  I heard a scuffle and saw something fuzzy disappear under my car.  His tail wasn’t quite as puffy as most squirrels, but he was bigger than a chipmunk.  It sounded like he was hissing at me.  Do squirrels hiss?????  I got down on my hands and knees and could see the poor little guy hiding behind the tools and wood stacked against the wall. 

At this point I opened the garage doors so he could escape and Boo Boo was right there waiting.  Boo Boo is my two year old tuxedo kitty who has recently discovered that there are all kinds of edible creatures outside.  A month or so ago he caught a bunny, which took him two days to eat. :(  Horrible.  I know it’s just him doing what God made him to do, but blehhhh.  I feed him very well, a grain-free diet from the Pet Health Food Store, so there is no need for him to eat the cute and fuzzy things in this world.    

I grabbed Boo Boo, forcing him into the house.  He has been pacing  and moaning and crying ever since.  He sure knows how to express himself.

Update:  Apparently Squirrels do hiss, according to a number of sources on the internet, but this was actually a large chipmunk that hissed at me.  We don't get many up here on the top of the hill.  I'm guessing it's partly because all the tall trees are far below us, but the fact that I'm a cat lover, I am sure, has a bit to do with it. 

The day after I wrote this blog I saw Boo Boo coming up the hill with something fuzzy in his mouth.  I squealed and ran down the hill towards him.  He was so shocked that he leapt up in the air and opened his mouth.  A fluffy chipmunk popped out of his mouth, stunned. 

I ran up to him and stood between Boo Boo and the chipmunk, as Boo Boo froze, wondering what I was hollering about.  The little guy got his senses back, glared past me at Boo Boo and started yelling and cursing at him, then darted off down the hill screaming profanities the whole way.  I just thought you might enjoy this little update.  :)  Apparently chipmunks hiss too.

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