Friday, June 22, 2012

Chaos, Messes and Small Accomplishments

Jennifer Shipley Artwork
Umbrella Splats - Sumi Ink By Jennifer Shipley

Uugh.  I’ve had a migraine for at least a week, minus a day.  (That doesn't make any sense unless you are in my head.)   Anyway, it makes it really hard to get anything done or write a fun blog when you’ve got an ook infestation in your noggin.  (I can’t believe spellcheck liked that word, "noggin".  That fickle bugger.)
Jennifer Shipley Artwork
Evolution - Vector Graphic by Jennifer Shipley

So we just watched Ratatouille and my poor 5 year old nephew, Ben, hated it.  He got freaked out when they snuck into the old lady’s kitchen at the very beginning. He ran off crying and plugging his ears.  He doesn’t like anything new or anything even remotely suspenseful.  Poor thing.  He has "unique child that doesn’t fit into any box" syndrome.  And I have "over-stimulated auntie who can’t process the GARGANTUAN chaos" syndrome.  Four people (two of them children) are ALL TALKING AT THE SAME TIME and my family is SOOOOOOO LLLLOOOOUUUUUUUDDD!!!  AAAHHHHHHH!  I’m wearing mondo earplugs and STILL can’t hack it. My brain is thick and slow, like porridge that sat around for a day or so.

Jennifer Shipley Artwork
Tongue Tied - Ink Drawing by Jennifer Shipley

Oh MY.  And get this.  Ben was not obeying while eating at the island and knocked his bowl onto the granite floor.  CRAAAAASSHSHHHV###33SKKXTX$X%&#.  It completely shattered into itty bitty pieces.  Spaghetti EVERYWHERE.  Yay! 
Jennifer Shipley Artwork
Dyno-Boy - Colored Pencil by Jennifer Shipley

If I wasn't so thick I would have snapped a photo of it's spectacularness, but I had to rescue an extremely mobile (and grumpy) baby from sharp bits.  Now at the end of it all, her fever is down and mine is up.  Oh goodie. Bleh.  
At least I did find the energy today to finish my custom pendant and model it for my gal in Ireland.  It's a new design with a slipknot cord.  It won't turn backwards.  I find it annoying how cords are always turning backwards.   And the slipknot allows versatility in length, which I love because I tend to layer my jewelry.  I'm going to make more.
Golden Healer Pendant by Jennifer Shipley at DoodlepunkArt
Longer Length of Golden Healer Pendant by Jennifer Shipley at DoodlepunkArt

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