Friday, November 16, 2012

The Work Room: Argentium silver

The Work Room: Argentium silver:

Here is a little info about argentium silver, my new lover. Click the link above or the image below to read a very informative article about argentium silver.  It costs a pretty penny, but is awesome stuff. So far I cannot find any evidence that anybody in the world is allergic to germanium, the new found metal that replaces the copper in this untarnishable sterling silver. It is reportedly "virtually unreactive in the body." My new argentium silver is 93% silver as opposed to typical sterling silver's 92.5% silver. I've already started using it and love its bendability. It is much less brittle than .925. So far I have not had any reaction to it and my metal allergies are so extreme that I cannot touch keys, coins, many zippers, silverware or eat food cooked in stainless steel cookware. (I am extremely allergic to nickel.)  This is very encouraging news for metal allergy sufferers.

Germanium in Argentium Silver

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